The Best of Him Comes to My House

December 16th 2023 Nearing the end of the craziest two weeks the painting comes home for Christmas and to start the New Year. Not on just any day, but the day that we place live pine Christmas wreaths at the grave sites of the thousands of US Veterans laid to rest at the Minnesota State Veteran’s Cemetery Little Falls.I did … Read More

Signing of Painting

The moment has come for Charles to stop working on the painting and sign it. To bring this chapter of the journey to a close. The frame will be here in the coming week and it needs to rest before the big show in the fall. The day is sunny and spring smells are in the air. We arrive at … Read More

Sitting in the Artist’s Studio

Paint on canvas brings more than just a story to life. It creates a connection. I’m visiting Charles Kapsner in his painting studio in Fort Ripley. I am taking in the depth of the atmosphere being here is full of. In some ways, it kind of feels like I am hanging out with my dad for part of the day … Read More

Visit to Charles and Cemetery

January 14th 2023 I drove up to see Charles today.  We are just driving away from his studio and I am reflecting on what the painting looks like at this point and more importantly what it represents for me. Charles is in an excellent mode. He and Catherine are off to Norway soon to be honored and the women in … Read More

Framed drawing pick up

October 6th 2022 Tony from the frame shop called a couple of weeks ago to let me know that my artwork was ready to be picked up. My schedule has been busy with many on-site projects and weddings on weekends.  I have just been floating the note to pick them up. On Monday he called again and said Charles had … Read More

Visit to the Studio

May 24th 2022 This was a very impromptu visit. With the trip to DC only days away and having my father top of mind, it had been a while since I had been able to stop by the studio and see the painting and talk with Charles about the progress. When I walked in the door, there was a distinct … Read More

Charles Kapsner Painting Visit

February 23rd 2022 from Charles Hey JoyGenea,Since you would be walking in the door right now here is where things are at. Needless to a say very tedious! I am having a great time!We are completely snowed in at the county road level; I suspect tonight they may plow it. We have to keep the snow blower going to stay … Read More

Where the Inspiration Started for The Best of Him

2021-04-03 I have wanted to purchase one of Charles Kapsner’s original paintings for years. Each time we would go to another one of the presentations at the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Little Falls for the giant murals he was painting to commemorate each branch of the service I would be reminded how I wanted a piece of his work … Read More