Sitting in the Artist’s Studio


Paint on canvas brings more than just a story to life. It creates a connection.

I’m visiting Charles Kapsner in his painting studio in Fort Ripley. I am taking in the depth of the atmosphere being here is full of.

In some ways, it kind of feels like I am hanging out with my dad for part of the day and being able to reflect on a few things in my own life connected to him, the estate, and my future. The way things look right now, this painting will be wrapping up around the time I will be wrapping up the final pieces of the estate. I can feel that there will be another shift in my life and focus at that time. I will be expanding out of the role and duties of daughter and advisor and into something new. What will come of that we will only find out when we get there.

I’m sitting in a chair along the far wall, watching Charles add in the details to the painting. The lighting is too strong to do the shadowing at this time of day, so he is adding in fine line details to the upper right shoulder of his uniform. This all feels in great harmony with the world at this moment with his music playing techno classic sounds.


Part 1
Entering the Studio
Part 2
Charles talks about the painting and its progress as it nears completion