Where the Inspiration Started for The Best of Him



I have wanted to purchase one of Charles Kapsner’s original paintings for years. Each time we would go to another one of the presentations at the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Little Falls for the giant murals he was painting to commemorate each branch of the service I would be reminded how I wanted a piece of his work in my house.

So, on this day I had reached out the Charles and scheduled a time for Tom and me to meet him in his studio and look at the pieces he had to offer for sale. There were some lovely pieces, and I was able to find one that I liked and was within my range of investment. But while we were looking at all of the lovely art I was really drawn to his most recent pieces. In these two pieces, he used an American flag as the draping on the table. His painting of the flag was incredible. It was so eye-catching and breathtaking. In that moment I shared with him this idea of using that base and celebrating the life of a veteran. He loved the idea and thought it would be interesting to do. To be so connected to one person and tell a bigger story.
I could just see it at that moment. With his training over the past years with the military murals and his connections within the branches of the US services, it would be a great connection of skills and be more intimate than the larger pieces.
I took the idea and tucked it away for later.

That is how this all got started on a cool spring afternoon.