2023 Wreath Distribution at the Cemetery

December 16th 2023 On the oddest of all weather days in Minnesota, with rain falling, we headed out to the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Little Falls to be a part of hundreds of people that volunteered to place wreaths at the headstones of our fallen heroes who are laid to rest there. Unlike last year, there was no snow … Read More

The Salon Was A Big Hit 2023

October 14th 2023 The Charles Kapsner Salon 2023 has officially begun. The opening night was simple, grand, and engaging. For one of the first times in my life, I was the first one there and got to watch as the food was crafted and laid out in the most artistic and beautiful way by a top food marketing expert and … Read More

Preparing for the Big Open House at the Minnesota Military Museum

September 11th 2023 While visiting Charles Kapsner in the studio he reminded me that the Minnesota Military Museum would be having their annual big event and open house this coming weekend. He mentioned that they might be out of brochures for the painting. Well, here I am set to fly out of state for the week and return just in … Read More

Birthdays of the Gone – Celebration, Sadness, and Memories

This is the third birthday to come since his passing. I know for some people birthdays are really hard days. I am lucky, for me, they aren’t too bad. They are more of a reason to pause and reflect on him.  Really the only thing that is different now than before his passing is that I can’t call him to … Read More

Visit to Charles and Cemetery

January 14th 2023 I drove up to see Charles today.  We are just driving away from his studio and I am reflecting on what the painting looks like at this point and more importantly what it represents for me. Charles is in an excellent mode. He and Catherine are off to Norway soon to be honored and the women in … Read More

A new song that says so much

Music is one of my strongest emotional communication tools. It hits so many senses and just helps me feel things that at times I can’t quite put words to or am not exactly sure how to express. There I was standing in the kitchen at 6:03 am making breakfast and listening to some random current hits off the streaming device … Read More