2023 Wreath Distribution at the Cemetery


December 16th 2023

On the oddest of all weather days in Minnesota, with rain falling, we headed out to the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Little Falls to be a part of hundreds of people that volunteered to place wreaths at the headstones of our fallen heroes who are laid to rest there.

Unlike last year, there was no snow at the cemetery. We were a bit early and it gave us a chance to watch the people arrive, park, and walk up to the opening ceremony. A bit of somberness in the air mixed with the cool thirty-five-degree temperature. People focused on conversations, caught up in thought, reminiscing about the people they love buried in this hallowed ground, and crying. There are people from all walks of life and all ages. Grief and love don’t discriminate and so we all come to take a moment to honor our American Veterans for their sacrifice to our country.

Before my father’s passing, I had not been a part of so many ceremonies. I really had not been to more than a handful. I now understand it is the way of the military. There is an opening ceremony for everything. People are honored, kind words are shared, goals are expressed, prayers said, taps played by buglers and the solemn moments when the guns are fired. You would think by now I wouldn’t cry at those moments, but I still do. My eyes tear up and I recall the people who are no longer here and the saying goodbye to them. There is a reason for ceremony, and I appreciate that it has not been forgotten or lost over time from everything.

After the opening ceremony, we walk to the area where my father is laid to rest with about thirty other people who have broken off from the gathering to work in this area. They have some cards for people specifically and they pass those around for us to place the wreaths with thought and prayer and then those without cards all get a wreath. It really is a sight to witness the transformation of the area.

I am so thankful to the organizations that help to make this happen each year.

Locally this organization is incredible.


Nationally this is the organization


Without the help of these organizations and the groups that volunteer annually this event would not happen and we would not now have a wreath for every monument here.

Once our area was done, we walked off to see if they needed our help in any of the other areas. This year the volunteers were quick and within thirty minutes the cemetery was transformed into a Christmas wreath display of love.

I look forward to doing this again next year.

Here’s to our heroes