Time for the Varnish to Seal the Painting for Years to Come


October 5th 2023

I received this email from Charles yesterday.

“I varnished the painting yesterday. Looks Fab.

Cheers ????,

Charles “

It is the last and final step in the whole process. He explained to me months ago as to why it was so important to wait to varnish it. I don’t recall exactly, but I will share what I do recall.  It has something to do with the richness of the red and blues.  When you allow them time to breathe and work with the air they become richer and fuller and then you seal that color in. 

I honestly don’t know how the blues and the reds could look any more amazing.  I think I am about to find out when I see it in a couple of weeks.

One of the new things I am learning about sharing this painting and my story with so many people is that there are a lot of people in this world carrying around pain that they don’t need to walk around with anymore. Friends, fellow business owners, and neighbors are emailing me back with stories of their loss and some trauma that came along with it. I am appreciating the humanity of this project and the support of others.

Varnishing the painting is one of the last times it will be out of the frame and it will be the last time it is in Charles’s studio.  The creation of the painting is almost complete.  I wonder where it will go from here.

You will just have to stay tuned to see what is next.