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The Best of Him

by Artist Charles Kapsner & Commissioned by JoyGenea Schumer Furnstahl

A Memorial oil painting designed at honoring the brave sacrifices made by our veterans and their families, not only during their service to our country but also in their everyday lives after their service has ended. The intention is to inspire awareness and open conversations about PTSD and grief.

Wars come home, and battles are fought every day in homes across America. Unfortunately, too many individuals are fighting a silent mental war without sufficient support, resources, or understanding. This needs to change. As a nation and as families of service members, we must talk about these issues. The principle of “no man left behind” applies to the battlefield of mental health, just as it does to physical war zones.

As the daughter of a veteran with PTSD, I personally experienced all of this with my father, although I was too young at first to fully comprehend what was happening and the extent of what I was losing.

PTSD created walls or barriers and prevented me from seeing the best of my dad. It was so loud, angry, scared, and mean that it overshadowed everything else. Therefore, when my dad passed away, I didn’t want my strongest memories of him to revolve around that wall. I yearned to reconnect with the loving man that PTSD had kept hidden from me. While gathering the individual elements for this painting, I discovered moments from his life where the best of him broke through that barrier and was present in my life as well. This painting tells the story of family sacrifice for the greater good and the importance of never giving up. It is about embracing The Best of Him.

About the Artist Charles Kapsner

Internationally renowned, multi-award-winning artist and oil painter Charles Kapsner has transformed the second chapter of his life to use his skills, gifts and talents to highlight the United States Military. He has focused on bringing connection and awareness to the strong military presence in his own home state of Minnesota. With his high level of research expertise, he has quickly become one of the most sought-after artists for drawn military portraits. patriotic murals, and service persons memorials.