Starting to find out how to get my dad these awards

October 29th 2022

Oh my GOD!!!  I was shifting and filing the office paperwork two portable file bins out of my office, since I am not having to look in them nearly as often anymore. As I was filing things, I was also assessing what information I had in there and what was important. In the back of the current items bin was an inch of stuff I didn’t recognize and wasn’t in a file, that means I found it while going through paper boxes, knew I should keep it, but hadn’t had a chance to go through it yet and scan it. Most of it was military paperwork and there it was, I believe that I have a copy of my father’s original military service paperwork. I didn’t want to get sidetracked by what I had found, so I just set it aside to bring to VREC and to see if my new friends there can help me figure some of this out so I can find people my father served with and see if they can help me get him the awards he asked to be amended to his DD-214.  I still can’t believe it might really be here.  Thank you, Dad, for keeping that stuff.  It just took me a while to find it.