Mr. Roberts the movie – communicating without words

April 15th 2023

I have a little side story I just wanted to share. Last night while I was searching through cable tv to try and find something to watch I came across the movie Mr. Roberts and went right to it. When I was growing up one of the ways my dad would connect with us kids was through movies. It was the one time we could sit still for a couple of hours and not get corrected for not working and doing enough. So we loved when it was movie time. Because my dad struggled to find the words to express his feelings or directly communicate with us. He would use movies and then quiz us after to see if we understood the deeper meaning. It’s pretty impressive when I think about it now. He was using the tools that were accessible to him. Mr. Roberts was one of those movies. He wanted us to know the qualities he valued in people and what he felt makes a good leader.

I sat and enjoyed the movie and it felt like I was sitting with my dad being taught another life lesson. Because it has been years since I watched the movie, it’s meaning and my understanding of it has evolved. One thing that didn’t change, is the fact that I still enjoy the movie and its meaning.

Here’s to classic movies and the stories they tell.