Meeting and Review


Meeting with Charles Feb 13th

Our meeting had to be rescheduled due to hazardous winter conditions twice. As Tom and I bobbed through the snow on a Sunday out to Charles’s studio I wondered what awaited me.

February 14th 2022 from Charles

Hey JoyGenea,
Thank you for the visit and keen eye yesterday! Here is the cleaned up compositional sketch for your viewing. I am ready to start the work on the actual painting now. If you could give me a call tomorrow we could discuss the next step with price and a down payment. We should of talked about it yesterday but we had to many things going on. No big deal. I am also very happy that you and Catherine are working together. I know many good things will come from this collaboration! I love your energy and focus! I look forward to working together.

Feb 14th 2022 from JoyGenea

Charles, I have reviewed the revision and I approve the changes. Please move forward on the project.

I will give you a call tomorrow. Thank you for the follow-up email and photo.