Getting the word out on YouTube


April 20th 2023

The Best of Him painting a memorial to a Vietnam Veteran and Father by Charles Kapsner and JoyGenea Schumer

This was going to be the title, but YouTube would just not go for it.  What the heck?

I had to settle for:

The Best of Him painting

Today we are working on the website and getting that ready for the upcoming events as a resource and a place for more details. Throughout this project, I have made and created videos.  Not as many as I wish I had and still I have some long videos from the artist explaining what he is doing and why.  It is fascinating to learn about fresco paintings and the skill and craftsmanship that go into the creation of them.

The plan is that as we come to the videos we will upload them and then link them in with the blog posts to share more of the story. 

We will see how that all goes.