Don’t Knock It Until You Try It


I believe in Psychics and mediums, so did my dad and so do most of my friends and family, mind you at different levels.  Me and all of those same people believe in God and an afterlife. And, in reality, some of my friends are psychics and mediums. That said, most of my friends, family, and my dad would not have told anyone that they feel this way. It seems to be a little quiet secret people don’t talk about. That’s just silly, so let’s just get that little secret out of the closet.

I have seen time and time again the grief-healing value of someone spending time with a psychic or medium. I feel like not enough people talk positively about the value some of these people can bring to a person’s pain and confusion.

Here is a great article from one of my favorite websites on the topic.

5 Things to do Before Visiting a Psychic Medium – article

I have not personally worked with a psychic or medium to engage with my dad.  He really is more than present when I need an answer and I can really hear him in my head saying things like, “don’t do it that way, do it this way.” And I don’t feel stagnant or stuck in my grief process. I have seen people get stuck in grief and it is a pain like no other to observe. Because of that, I say, “Don’t knock it until you try it.” to most things.

I hope if you are dealing with grief and someone close to you says they know a person who does readings that you ask for the name and should you come to a place in the process that you need some clarity, some insight, or a new perspective that you will give that person a call. The tips from the above blog will be very helpful.

Don’t give up and know that you are doing your best today and tomorrow you might do better.


TO THE HATERS: If you want to get into the misconception that they are criminals and cheats, so are some investment brokers, doctors, counselors, and bankers. In any industry, there will be a small group of people that take advantage of other people.  It sucks and it is real. For that reason ask someone you trust for a recommendation to someone they have used or know.