Correspondence- Starting Concept and Size

September 18th 2021 from Charles

Hey JoyGenea,
How are you all doing these days? Hard to believe it is the 18th of September already! My out door painting of the house is about to come to an end; we got the ramp moved on Monday allowing me to reach the high points on the north side of the house. With the that said whenever you want to bring your father’s stuff back up here we can start to look at size and composition. This week I a little crazy; Catherine’s brother and his wife arrive tomorrow until Friday. Give me a call.

September 24th 2021 from JoyGenea

On my topic, YES, I would like to find a time and start to work on the concept and size of my art.
Let me know about your time. We are going to be gone most weekends in Oct. So a Wed or Thru evening is often good.

Talk to you soon.
Kindest Regards,
JoyGenea Schumer