Correspondence- Medals


June 10th 2021 from JoyGenea


I think this will be helpful in figuring out the medals or at least some of them.

I will continue to send you emails with details in the coming week. I am going to be focusing on moving this aspect of the funeral. It will make it easy to pass along details.


Attached a copy of Henry’s DD214

June 10th 2021 from Charles

Hey JoyGenea,
I looked up the medals that I didn’t know. I will write them down. I will probably have to go to the Military Museum at camp for info on the Campaign ribbons on the right side of uniform as you wear it.

July 5th 2021 from JoyGenea


Thank you for doing this research about my father’s citations on his uniform. It really is interesting.

Here is a copy of the sheet you gave me and my own typed-out version.