Correspondence- December 29th 2021

December 29th 2021 from Charles

Hey JoyGenea,
I hope you had a good Christmas; and a quiet one. Ours was low key, just the way we wanted it.
I have my last model coming back on Friday for her portrait. Finally!!!!!!!!!!! She had been in Africa and started a new job; that made scheduling rather difficult. I will be able to start looking at a composition this weekend. Needless to say that makes me very happy! The combination of the two paintings is going to be extremely exciting and fulfilling. Thank you for your contribution to that.
Catherine has printed out all the FASO information and we will look at it together and she will get to you. That last two weeks have been extremely busy for her; and I need her imput on all of this since she is the brains of this organization. I paint !
Have a Happy New Year !!!!!I will be in touch soon.
Cheers ,

January 7th 2022 from JoyGenea


Thank you for the update.
That is all so good to hear. What an interesting blend of thoughts and people you will have on your mind.
I still have those last items I need to drop off with you. When I get home Monday I will dig into the pile and find them and plan to just drop them off for you. Is there an evening that might work for you this coming week? We won’t stay long as to not mess with your schedule or ours too much. Maybe a day it’s not -25.

I love the update. It keeps me connected to the energy of the project. Thanks
Kindest Regards,
JoyGenea Schumer